Juno in vedic astrology

We attract the people we need to in order to grow, but that growth experience is not always positive or gives us what we truly want. I don't know what your lesson is, but making decisions that ultimately protect yourself isn't bad. Though if you keep looking for guys to mother, you'll keep finding guys that need mothered, and guys that have real wounds that they are still working through. Your only solution may be to learn how to deal with it. But you can mother someone who's biggest problem is not passing a certification exam as opposed to someone still overcoming an addiction, for example.

This hits close to home. I just feel so confused as to what I want.

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It seems that what I want and am attracted to is not meant to last. Keep looking. Head, heart and body all have to agree. If you let just one side of you make the decision and drag the rest of you along with it, you'll end up miserable. But they're not the only one. Learn more about Pluto so you can start creating a mental image of the type or wavelength of Scorpio that you would actually be happy with. The chapters on Scorpio and Pluto in Steven J.

And if you're a reader of novels, look for Plutonian men in books. Characters that fit that description can help you know what you're looking for and not looking for.

How to Find Juno in Your Chart

A really nasty version of a Plutonian man is Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. No woman could be with him and be happy. On the other hand, Matthew Clairmont in Deborah Harkness's massively entertaining and interesting A Discovery of Witches trilogy is also a very Plutonian man--he's a vampire, a geneticist, incredibly wealthy, and has a deep trauma in his past--but he's also a strong person who can and does make his woman very happy. The guy I turned down was a juno in aquarius which worries me too. I think if you find someone who also has their juno in an air sign you'll be ok.

Youre not screwed lol you just have to keep looking for something that suits you. I think my Rx juno makes me forever alone. I date and have married lots of lions. Last guy was taurus moon leo sun. We were backwards compatible. My moon is in 6th not 7th leo. I am a little cold emotional routine.

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My heart is at work. It feels like a battle of who you attract V. I have Mars in Gemini, and I'm definitely attracted to smarts and intelligence, and most importantly, highly communicative people. I also have a Virgo descendant so intelligence plus hard work and a critical eye can really make me invest in someone.

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The Sun and Venus are also in my 7th house so this someone is beautiful and confident. But then I have Juno in Scorpio The strangest thing is that the people I have been most attracted to in my entire life are very scorpionic. But for whatever reason, I'm never able to pursue a relationship with them both times, physical distance. Basically, it'll be the Plutonic person Scorpio that I can practically commit to Virgo that stimulates my brain Gemini , and thus my loins, that will be my soulmate. Just my interpretation anyway. Juno doesn't really make sense to me, I know I dislike control freaks and all that but from what I've read so far it doesn't help much, I'm not going to be one of those nerds who go to asia.

I figured I sort of had it figured out with my Descendant though I've never really had much experience with Virgos. Mars in Capricorn makes absolutely no sense however Venus in Gemini does. Generally I don't have problems making friends, I get laid every few years if I'm lucky but relationships? Impossible and the more I read the more it feels like the odds aren't in my favor and I'm stuck being alone. Doesn't help being an Aquarius Moon lol. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Juno in Astrology

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There are also tons of free horoscopes written by credible professionals such as Rob Hand, Liz Greene, and Robert Pelletier. Saturday, 19 March Juno and the Destined Spouse. Juno Hera is in some ways similar to Venus. However, Venus represents love and attraction at the early stages while Juno is related to attachment and loyalty. Juno represents the person we are to share our lives with. Even though there is not defined any concept of Marriage in the horoscope, let us call our relationships with the people with whom we spend more than a year together and accept as our partners in certain decisions Marriage.

This way, we can discuss Juno in greater clarity. Juno can point to both the changes that will occur in your life after marriage and the characteristics of your destined spouse s , if you are destined to any. Analyzing the relationship of Juno with other planets can yield information about how your spouse will treat you, what things will be hidden and how your marriage will evolve. The influence of Juno is not the same in all horoscopes though. It is influential in the 5th, 7th and 9th Houses but can be quite weak in 1st or 3rd Houses. One must never forget that Juno is not related to short-lived affairs.

It shows when, from where and how a partner-for-life will arrive.

What will your spouse look like? Juno will tell you.

Juno was never completely understood in Western Astrology. In the case of detailed relationship and marriage compatibility analyses that we call Synastry, Juno bears further importance as it points to a karmic destiny partner, our tendencies in love that we bring from previous lives and the relationships that have their roots in the distant past.

Juno is sometimes associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius and sometimes with Mars and Aries. However, it must never be associated with Venus, Libra or the 7th House. Juno is one of the most dominant feminine elements in a horoscope. For instance, during a South Moon Node-Juno conjunction, an auspicious Jupiter transit helps you to meet your future spouse.

Following auspicious transits of Jupiter while aspecting Venus and the Sun can also give us the periods when this relationship will develop and when you will marry. Astrological analyses can, as we have written until now, give us many hints about the nature of love. The most important factors in these analyses are generally the courses of one-to-one relationships themselves. In short, an Astrologer can at any time tell you about how a certain relationship will influence you.

enirizapyb.ga The projection of your destined partner in your horoscope is generally the Sign and House position of Juno. Your partner will be aggressive, short-tempered, and ambitious. This position points to an unchanging, joy-loving, security-seeking, physically attractive spouse. Juno, when positioned in Taurus, can also mean monetary security and prosperity will come after marriage.

You will see that your future spouse will care too much about money. Juno in Taurus may also mean the spouse will be quite attractive physically and earn a great deal in business. What you need is someone talkative, active, intelligent and logical. This position may mean you will marry a relative. It can also be deducted that your future spouse will be someone you have met during school days. A Juno position in Gemini sometimes points to a second marriage and the chance to find your soul mate. What you need is a sensitive and emotional partner.