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Pope Francis I. Queen Elisabeth II.

These coordinates support the third and the twelfth houses in her birth chart. The third house stands for education and learning and the twelfth house in case of celebrities stands for a retreat and hiding place that could support finding peace from public attention and paparazzis.

Skip to content. June 9, Georg Stockhorst. May 29, Georg Stockhorst. May 24, Georg Stockhorst. May 20, Georg Stockhorst. April 25, Georg Stockhorst. April 23, Georg Stockhorst.

April 13, Georg Stockhorst. Julian Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador. On 19 June Assange walked into the embassy of Ecuador in London to ask for political asylum. He spent nearly seven-years in asylum there. On 11 April , Assange's asylum was withdrawn following a series of disputes with the Ecuadorian authorities. After Assange's arrest, news media reported that Swedish authorities were considering reopening their investigation.


Link to Wikipedia biography. She says I was round, dark-haired, loud, with the look of an Eskimo. Previously, in early December , Tem Tarriktar and Mary Plumb of The Mountain Astrologer magazine wrote that they received data from a source who wished to remain anonymous but who was citing birth certificate for , or PM the ink on the time was reportedly a bit smudged.

The anonymous person later clarified via Tem Tarriktar that "The birth record is from the registry which has appended to it a copy of the birth certificate but the hour was not on the certificate but on the record in the registry files. Therefore this birth data remains questionable and unreliable.

Assange, Julian

From Astro-Databank. Ceres often shows up in matters to do with birth or death. All aspects are within one degree. The DAH of the 3. This is a sure indication that this time needs to be adjusted somewhat as the angles are always activated for an important event in the life. Alice McDermott. Halina : Alice, you say there are no triggers to angles in the pm Age Harmonic. Well, check your glasses, Venus, ruler 12th, and Neptune ruler 5th are sitting right on top of the 10th cusp.

A birthtime for Julian Assange - Astrological Musings

Dymock Brose does not use parallax Moon in Age Harmonic. You're probably using it so that it will touch the 7th.

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Normally your Age Harmonic Moon is sitting in the 6th House without a close aspect to anything. Dymock Brose uses the closest aspect in the Age Harmonic Chart and correlates it to the event. I have done this here and you will notice that the closest aspect certainly does correlate with a birth event. Dymock does not use your rule about triggers in Age Harmonic charts. I have read all of Dymock's tests, so I should know. Dymock does not use the biwheel, he doesn't have to, as the closest aspect in the Age Harmonic will confirm the event if the time is correct in the natal. The angles are necessary in transits and solar arcs and Lauren has already proven that in her rectification.

In which chart? The Internet chart shows the Moon separating from the trine by minutes, so now I'm confused - and it's a VOC Moon as I post this, which is supposedly a no-no for clear headed thought.

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  8. More importantly, I was theorizing for RJ per his query of 'why important U. But maybe wait until the Moon is in the next sign. I never said that a VOC Moon in an event chart has no value or no status, or is relegated to "horary" status. I have to interject that for communications, I have a rather unfortunate Neptune placement that causes much confusion, so I'm continuously having to clarify.